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We prepare our Kyiv office for transition to the post quarantine life

We care about our AllStars-IT Ukraine team and have worked to build a safe environment for our colleagues to come back to office, after the long period of work-from-home.

AllStars-IT Ukraine has prepared the office with all the necessary items for safety:

Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, which are installed on the walls around the office;

✅ At the entrance of the office, we placed disinfectant mats, which will diminish the spread of germs from the soles of each person’s, when entering the office;

✅ Non-contact thermometers for measuring temperature are also placed in the office entrance;

✅ We increased the number of cleaning activities of all the office premises with the use of disinfectants during the day;

✅ Purchased disposable shoe covers and disposable gloves;

✅ The company will provide each member with a Hand Sanitiser spray and an option to refill it when needed.

✅ The company will provide each member with a mask made in the highest standards and materials including company Logo printed over it.

✅ The company office will be disinfected daily. Each workplace and chair will be disinfected with a corresponding sticker attached.

✅ Ultraviolet lamps to disinfect air, surfaces and objects in the offices as well as all common areas when the working day is over;

✅ Airing the premises in the morning and evening in the absence of colleagues, every hour and a half opening windows;

✅ We formed AllStars-IT Ukraine Safety Kits for each of our colleagues with medical mask and hand sanitiser spray which will be given out to all the teams.

Some special items for the wellbeing of our colleagues:

🔵 Electric scooters with protective helmets as a means of alternative transport for those keen on avoiding public transport while getting to their workplace. 

🔵 Two bright and stylish Smeg fridges with funny stickers are here where our colleagues can keep their food and drinks, for those who trust their own homemade food only.

🔵 For those colleagues, who are using public transportation to come to work, we equipped a special area: a shower room with all necessary accessories for taking a shower and a disinfection room for clothes with the ultraviolet lamp to diminish germs.

Here our colleagues can change their clothes that they are wearing while getting by public transport, take a shower using branded towels while their clothes will be disinfected under the ultraviolet lamp, and change into clean clothing.

Yuhuu! 🔥The office is ready to meet the Team!

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