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Top technology trends to watch in the pandemic

During the months of the pandemic outbreak, humankind has been looking at the future and wondering what comes next. In this article we will outline the top tech trends uprising due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, that will have a significant and long-lasting effect on the informational technological landscape.



Canceled live events and cinema closings boost the Virtual Experience Economy. Now such things as retail, travel, a different type of gatherings as festivals, conferences, exhibitions and more take on a new level of meaning. The tendency when people get their experience through digital video and virtual reality is quickly evolving and set is to dominate for another decade to come.

Example: Fortnite hosted an interactive psychedelic Travis Scott concert


Livestreaming e-commerce has been merging rapidly in China since 2017 as the mix of entertainment, community, and commerce, and has already changed consumer behavior. With the pandemic outbreak, it’s growing faster and bigger, as an increasingly engaging, social and interactive online shopping mode that allows consumers to shop in real-time directly from livestreaming videos. Now, livestreaming is going to be a new normal channel to create new revenue streams and drive new sales, on a global scale.

For example, in February, the number of merchants on the Alibaba’s Taobao livestreaming platform increased by 719%.


With the development of AI, people will become accustomed to virtual assistants and chatbots their expectations will evolve with time. Some people are already turning to these virtual companions, that have the power to entertain, educate, befriend, and heal, and these behaviors are expected to persist once the crisis lessens.

Example: The Replika: My AI Friend app is the AI chatbot has heard of you and wants to be your friend


Consumers will continue to hang out online for hours. But people will be looking to spend some of the time more productively using platforms connecting them with teachers, experts and mentors, which will enable them to develop new skills. Many educational institutions started offering courses online to ensure education was not disrupted by quarantine measures.

Example: Duolingo language learning platform has partnered with Twitch to offer language learning gaming streams.


The growing demand for contact-free interactions with the latest advancements in robotics is enabling a new impetus of Automated commerce, IRL. After the pandemic businesses and customers will welcome automated alternatives more than before.

Example: Domino’s Pizza robot car-powered pizza delivery


Nowadays there are many factors such as the global public health crisis, the threat of climate change and more, is causing more people depression and anxiety. In the future, any business that can help improve the mental well-being of people will have good opportunities for development and to be welcomed in society.

Example: Guests of The Moxy NYC Chelsea, owned by Marriott, will have access to ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos in their rooms.


Remote work can now be easily performed with the help of technologies including virtual meetings, virtual private networks, cloud technology, facial recognition, voice over internet protocols (VoIPs), and work collaboration tools. In addition, these technologies enable a person to appear before a virtual background to secure the privacy of the home. Remote work has become more common during and after the pandemic, and it allows owners of businesses to reduce lease costs and hire remote teams.


An urgent need for specialized health and medical products has risen worldwide the use of 3D printing technology to ease the pressure on supply chains and governments. 3D printing can have an immediate beneficial effect and offers flexibility in production: the same printer can produce different products based on different designs and materials, and simple parts can be mainly made onsite quickly without a long wait for the shipment and procurement process.

Example: The 3D printed valves ready to be used.


With the development of Wearable personal IoT devices, people can track their health changes. In addition, such devices work as a log recorder which helps doctors to care for their patients more effectively. Telemedicine is particularly suited to certain types of medical care that enables patients to have virtual consultations with doctors, mental health carers, appointments, and personal health records. The obvious benefit of telehealth services is that these services are accessible anytime from anywhere.


Supply Chains 4.0 are those which include the mix of core technologies from Industry 4.0., such as IoT, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and AI. Most likely, the current situation will speed up the adoption of the above technologies in the context of global supply chains.


The coronavirus pandemic has already impacted the world in unprecedented ways, and that impact is likely to continue to grow. The current situation showed the importance of digital readiness. It will be essential and challenging for businesses and countries to stay advanced in the latest technology, respond timely to it, constantly reviewing their business model in the light of these new trends to remain competitive in a post pandemic world.

Stay safe!


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