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Kyiv was TOP-10 listed as a Smart Location for Investments by “The Financial Times”

Recently, “FDI Magazine “, a special publication of “The Financial Times “, has released a new list of “Smart Cities” – Smart Locations of the Future 2019/2020. It is ranking of the most attractive locations for investment.

Two Ukrainian cities — Kyiv first and then Lviv after — got into the list of top-10 cities with high cost-effectiveness. According to FDI Magazine, these cities ROI are of the highest, world-wide.

“FDI Intelligence”, a service from the “Financial Times”, is the largest Foreign Direct Investment (e.g FDI) center of excellence globally, specializing in all areas relating to FDI, investment promotion and economic development.

To create a shortlist for FDI’s Smart Locations of the Future 2019/20, the FDI Intelligence division of the Financial Times collected data for 115 locations under five categories:

      1.Economic Potential

      2.Innovation and Attractiveness,

      3.FDI Performance



The data was collected using online FDI tools as well as other sources.

Data Points to assess the cost-effectiveness:

  • The annual average wage of a skilled worker,

  • The total income tax rate

  • The total corporation tax rate

  • The total costs of establishing a business

  • The cost per square meter of rent for prime “Grade A” office space

  • The cost of a room in the city center for one night in 4 * and 5 * hotels

  • The cost of registering a property and establishing an electricity connection.

Solomon Amar, Founder and CEO of AllStars-IT Ukraine, commented:

“The ranking “Smart Locations of the Future 2019/2020” only proves that our long years of strategic investment in Kyiv IT-Sector was accurate. AllStars-IT Ukraine came up with a slogan “Smart Offshore Staffing” around the year 2014. It seems that we recognized Kyiv as a “Smart City” five years ago, and I am very happy to have this formal recognition from FDI Intelligence nowadays. I am sure that this trend will continue to develop in the future. The number of AllStars-IT Ukraine experts and the demand from our clients are increasing daily. We continue to grow, while Kyiv supports the needs smarter than any other location. Congratulation Kyiv”

This article is sourced from fDi Magazine

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