11 super useful Chrome extensions for QA and Developers

Everybody knows that Google Chrome is one of the best tools for QA engineers and Developers nowadays. Yes, it takes a lot of computer resources. Yes, it could freeze all the system, but we can’t live without DevTool anymore. Take logs, get requests, watch a performance, the resources of the application and more whatever you

4 ways Machine Learning is affecting the business landscape

Companies of different sizes have progressed from researching AI and Machine Learning’s potential to purchasing and deploying the technologies. It confidently believes that these investments will deliver substantive advantages. As a result, many changes are underway in the workplace with the use of Machine Learning proved worthwhile in increasing efficiency, productivity, and speed.  Research and

80+ английских слов, которые тебе пригодятся во время работы

Денис Барканов Software QA Engineer в AllStars-IT Ukraine IT-сфера, словно горячие пирожки, манит к себе большее и большее количество адептов. Соискатели открытых вакансий — это люди с опытом и без, простые зеваки, которые не знают, чем бы заняться, но готовые себя попробовать в IT, целеустремленные “фанаты”. Молодые, только ищущие себя, и взрослые, умудренные опытом люди, желают

Top Reasons for Software Outsourcing to Ukraine

Conveniently located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine has become an extremely attractive place for IT and software development. And software outsourcing to Ukraine comes with many benefits such as access to a large pool of Highly Qualified and committed programmers, that easily integrate into your teams, cost savings while bringing products to market fast. Read these

A guide on how to hire an Offshore Software Development Team in Ukraine

Choosing the right individuals and managing an offshore software development team can be often deceptively difficult for first-time founders. It is a well-balanced process that takes time, skill and planning. In this article, we will outline the benefits of outsourcing and look at strategies that can help you successfully manage a remote team based in

Kyiv was TOP-10 listed as a Smart Location for Investments by “The Financial Times”

Recently, “FDI Magazine “, a special publication of “The Financial Times “, has released a new list of “Smart Cities” – Smart Locations of the Future 2019/2020. It is ranking of the most attractive locations for investment. Two Ukrainian cities — Kyiv first and then Lviv after — got into the list of top-10 cities with