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Technical Design of Software: Visual modeling. UML Class diagrams

My name is Andrii Vovk. I am an Android developer in AllStars-IT Ukraine. Let’s talk about technical design of software. I’d like to start with this article about visual modeling and UML Class diagrams.   Visual modeling has been conducted over the years as a means for communication between developers and as a part of
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How to save an hour in the office every day?

My name is Dmytro Savchenko. I am Team Lead in Allstars-IT Ukraine. On daily bases my working day contains of many activities and requires multitasking. I would like to share some tips which will save you a lot of time daily. The tips I will talk about is the daily routines most people working in
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How to come up with a name of a product or a company and how to avoid claims for this name

My name is Yaroslav Chyzh. I’m a Team Leader at AllStars-IT Ukraine. In this 3 minutes video, I would like to talk about names of a product/company or trademark and how to avoid potential “naming” problems/claims.
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The Russian-Ukrainian conflict and its impact on the Ukrainian IT industry

While martial law has been enacted by the Ukrainian government in some regions of the country, daily life and business in Kyiv and Ukraine remains unaffected. In this article Solomon Amar, President and CEO of Allstars-IT Ukraine provides his outlook and clarity to the current situation.   We met Solomon Amar, the founder of AllStars
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Як скласти якісний Bug Report: 8 порад

Мене звати Юлія Гордійко. Я Junior QA Engineer в компанії AllStars-IT Ukraine. В цій статті я хочу поділитись, як скласти якісний bug report. Баг є невід’ємною частиною процесу розробки програмного забезпечення. Чим більш ефективний bug report, тим більша ймовірність того, що дефект буде виправлений. Більшість тестувальників не люблять писати звіти, думаючи, що вони втрачають час.
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Погляд на ігровий світ зсередини

Мене звати Кароліна, я Game Designer в AllStars-IT Ukraine. У цій статті ми поговоримо про основні принципи та способи дизайну рівнів в іграх. Розробка ігор – складний процес. Найчастіше, граючи у хорошу гру, навіть не підозрюєш з чого вона зроблена. В іграх вільне управління камерою і пересування гравця змушує створювати повну картину оточення, опрацьовану з
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Git Branching Strategies

My name is Andrii Vovk. I am an Android Developer at AllStars-IT Ukraine. In this article I want to talk about Git branching strategies. Using Git version-control system is standard in the industry of software engineering. When starting development, it’s a good idea to define Git branching model for a team and document it –
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Clean Coding 

My name is Dmitriy Savchenko. I’m a Team Leader at AllStars-IT Ukraine. In this article I want to talk about clean coding. One of the reasons I decided to write this article is the fact I noticed doing code reviews for some developers, couple of them had 8 and more years of experience. The fact is
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