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Back to the Old Normal

It’s been over one year since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 a pandemic. In the wake of this announcement, hundreds of millions of people worldwide have lived through lockdowns, quarantines, and generally speaking, a heavily disrupted way of life. The pandemic has had a great impact, particularly on the work environment.  

According to a Future Forum Research held by the BBC, 13% of global respondents want to return to full-time onsite work, 12% prefer to get back to the office, and 72% would like a balance between those two options.

While the pandemic has demonstrated that working from home can be both comfortable and productive, it is clear that some aspects of day-to-day work routines are negatively impacted. Communication, for example. At AllstarsIT, we believe that communication is paramount for business, so the workplace not only still matters; it might now be more important than ever. 

Why communication matters

The workplace is a social environment, and any form of business is a social phenomenon. Without face-to-face engagement and those casual (but usually fruitful) conversations around the coffee machine, that je-ne-sais-quois, that flow that makes things work -and work fast- is missing. When communication is lacking, workgroups can quickly lose focus, and diminished focus can lead both to a reduced sense of belonging and less commitment to the organization’s goals and objectives. But when people gather in a room, fascinating things happen. Solutions are found, ideas develop, and people gain important insights they would have never been exposed to otherwise.

We believe in the importance of these four aspects of work:

Workspace balance

A positive and welcoming workspace plays an important role in promoting and supporting a fair work-life balance. Going to an office building in the city center means that home is a safe haven for relaxing and turning ‘off’. But if the onsite experience is negative, the individual loses out both on the work and home fronts, as there is a great correlation between the two.


Team spirit, company culture, deep friendships – these are the intangible things that keep people happy at the workplace. Video conferencing alone cannot support these traits. Most people want to see their colleagues, and they miss the synergies sparked by working with others in the same space. 

Team friendships

It’s not easy to develop good rapport or friendship over email or chat. But when you see your team every day, go out to lunch with them, and engage in random conversations and banter throughout the week, it’s hard not to form a bond. As you learn each other’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses, you are better able to help manage your team, or know who to turn to for help or knowledge.


A structured workday creates a rhythm that can help you get things done, and having a physical place to go outside of the home reinforces this routine. While you may start your workday in your home office (or at your kitchen!) every morning at about the same time, you might not have the discipline to begin and finish at a certain time. Arriving at a workplace by a set time provides much-needed structure and normalcy to your day.


Conclusion: A chance to create a better workplace

Office life will never be the same, even if we don’t yet know all the differences and nuances to what it used to be. What we can say with certainty is that the sudden shift to distributed work has provided a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine everything about how we do our jobs, and how we run workplaces. If we can move past decades of the 9-to-6, office-centric work, there’s an opportunity to retain the best parts of office culture while freeing ourselves from bad habits and inefficient processes. Ineffective meetings, unnecessary bureaucracy, we have an opportunity to change that. Every leader believes they can do better, and things can move faster: this is their chance.

We are incredibly optimistic about the new workplace, where people matter more than ever, and we look forward to working together again.


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