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A guide on how to hire an Offshore Software Development Team in Ukraine

Choosing the right individuals and managing an offshore software development team can be often deceptively difficult for first-time founders. It is a well-balanced process that takes time, skill and planning. In this article, we will outline the benefits of outsourcing and look at strategies that can help you successfully manage a remote team based in Ukraine.

Offshore Software Development Team

An offshore development team is a group of remote IT professionals located overseas and hired by a company to provide the service of software development.

The only distinguishing factor is that a company may choose to hire a dedicated team to engage in all IT development, or a project-based team to undertake some portions of the programming. The team can contain developers with different tech stacks and levels of seniority. By engaging in your team various IT experts you can cover the whole software development cycle.

How to Start

As reported by Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey, 72% of organizations would choose software development outsourcing rather than the in-house development due to such factors as cost-efficiency, increased productivity and saved time on training new employees or HR activities, access to a larger pool of talents than you would find onsite.

Before you start the process of hiring developers for your project, you need to consider:

  • What do you want to accomplish through your outsourcing?

Clearly define the main goal of your product that should be fulfilled or the problem that you are planning to solve with outsourcing and your specific requirements. Outline the projects your developers will be working on, plan their schedule with measurable milestones and set approximate deadlines for it. This step will help you to get a profile of the candidates that are fit for your project.

  • What Skills do a Dedicated Development Team Possess?

Define the technology stack(s), evaluate the expertise and skills that you are going to need for your project, identify which roles you need for the development team. When choosing a software developer to hire, technical skills and domain expertise are for sure stand on top priority. But at the same time, look for the soft characteristics that they should have. By all means, the software engineer’ ability to be a team player and adapt, to collaborate effectively and take initiative, be easy to communicate with and explain their ideas in simple ways, with a willingness to constantly upgrade his professional level, have knowledge of English makes a person the best candidate to be hired. At the same time, a motivated developer takes charge of his own and finds ways to add value to your project. Evaluate if they are confident in meeting deadlines and complete the project before time.

In line with the latest survey, about 80% of Ukrainian software engineers have an upper-intermediate level of English or higher.

  • Establish an efficient communication

When you hire offshore software engineers, establishing an open environment of healthy communications and discussing your vision for the project where each team member is comfortable in expressing ideas, opinions, will help your team understand the goal of your project and increase productivity.

Regular check-ins with your offshore software developers throughout the entire development phase will strengthen communication lines and help quickly address any concerns that may arise.

  • Overlap of Your Work Schedules

Varying time zones can be one of the major challenges with any offshore development team. Thus, it is better to schedule meetings, Q&A sessions, discussions of daily plans or review the work done for overlapping hours of your time zones when your in-house and remote offshore teams are both up and working.

How to Hire Offshore Software Developers

During the hiring process, be smart as it saves time and doesn’t waste your energy in the long run.

Review the candidates’ CVs you get from the recruiter regularly. Evaluate whether the candidates are the perfect match for your company in terms of professional and technical abilities and then you will be good to go. Before the interview, spend time to prepare the questions that help you to evaluate the candidate better.

Your recruiter at AllStars-IT Ukraine arranges a suitable schedule for you and your candidates, introduces them to you, and you conduct the job interview on your own. Skype or Google Hangout is the best tool to have interviews with potential candidates.

At the beginning of the interview, find out if the applicant has enough time to communicate and understand your objectives. Then, go for background verification, check technical knowledge and overall personality. Learn the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, time-management skills, team-building skills, and their previous work relationships. Moreover, determine a time limit and see how well selected candidates are at completing the codes to learn how the individual will tackle the problem. Take as a good sign if the applicant shows an understanding of your business model and is trying to get to the core of the problem that product or service is trying to solve.

In the end, ask them if they have any questions regarding anything. You as a client decide how many stages the interviewing process has to be, whether the candidates complete test tasks and other issues.

After the interview, go through your checklist and rank the candidate. But before making the hiring decision think about the overall applicant potential, but don’t delay with the final decision. The candidate may prefer to accept other employer’s offer instead of waiting for the interview feedback for long. Apart from that, the recruiter should be aware of how to adjust the candidates to search for better outcomes in case you want to expand your hiring process.

After hiring the remote developers, you get a full-time employee, who is engaged in your project only, like other members of your in-house team. In any case, the team needs time for an onboarding procedure. At the start of your cooperation, invite successful candidates to your headquarters to introduce them to the rest of the team, their responsibilities, and the working toolkit. This real face time communication with your remote software engineers will help to establish effective business relationships based on trust from the first day.

The main advantages of Hiring Offshore Developers:

  • Cost savings

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Quality of Work

  • On-Time Project Delivery

  • Manage Services

  • Save Your Extra Costs for Infrastructure

Why Hire Software Developers with AllStars-IT Ukraine?

Collaborating with outstaffing companies such as AllStars-IT Ukraine may help to extend your development capabilities or completely outsource all IT engineering employment issues.

You need just to contact us and provide the skills you need, the projects you’re hiring developers for and additional information that may help. Our recruiters will get back to you with the list of high-quality candidates. Then you personally interview software engineers you’re interested in and select the best ones as your new offshore development team based in our spacious and equipped office in Kyiv.


As many of our clients attest to, we are able to satisfy even the most technical of requirements. We are at AllStars-IT Ukraine confident outsourcing your IT needs and provide you with a high-quality product, professionalism and flexibility at all times, as well as significant R&D/QA cost reductions.

Top reasons for choosing AllStars-IT Ukraine as your Outstaffing provider:


1. Direct access to Europe’s best IT talent pool

We unite top-notch IT professionals providing them with an outstanding possibility to make their brilliant ideas a reality.

Every year Ukraine graduates over 150,000 of students, among which 36,000 are with degrees in technical studies, including some 15,000 IT specialists. Ukraine’s army of more than 172,000 IT professionals makes the country a leader in Central and Eastern Europe by the number of engineers and the number of graduates emerging into the labor market. Besides, the number of qualified engineers is expected to grow to 250,000 by 2020.

2. Combination of High quality & reasonable costs

AllStars-IT Ukraine offers solutions that help to get up 70% cost reduction on IT personnel. Our prices are “Final & Total” including the costs of rent and other associated costs.

3. Business based on Partnership

We strive for win-win results by considering mutual interests. We are flexible and open to come to an agreement on terms and conditions doing business together based on trust, commitment and reliability.

4. Advanced HR processes based on performance

In AllStars-IT Ukraine, we have very high ability to find and hire needed expert with rare technologies within 2-3 weeks and recruit faster. Our recruiters English language proficiency is Upper Intermediate level and higher for your easy and handy communication.

5. We have the lowest retention rate

We offer the lowest retention rate at 5-7%. In many cases, the retention rate of AllStars-IT Ukraine dedicated teams is even higher than that of our clients’ in-house teams.

6. Modern office with global standards of comfort

Our office is located in the center of Kyiv in Gulliver Business Center. Kyiv is easily accessible for clients across the world who wish visit their developers and QA teams. Furthermore, our Kyiv base ensures access to top engineers from across the country, underpinned by significant IT infrastructure and stability.

7. Inspirational Working Environment

Our corporate culture keeps the dynamic atmosphere at the office that allows our developers to work comfortably and effectively to ensure better results.

Want to hire highly qualified software engineers in Ukraine? 

Contact us and we will help you to hire the best ones!


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