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5 Tips for Seniors Seeking to Upskill Their Expertise

Solomon Amar, Founder and CEO of an international outstaffing company AllStars-IT Group, with 18+ years of experience, gives top advice for seniors who don’t want to get stuck.

Are you a senior developer? Congrats, then, you’re at your career peak! Perfect chance to slow down and start enjoying your life. Just don’t be surprised when young and proactive middle developers aiming for your position and get a promotion faster than you do.

I founded an outstaffing company, AllStars-IT Group, almost 16 years ago. Since that time, I’ve been working with specialists at all different levels. I experienced many success stories as well. Gradually, they narrowed down to one single rule. The higher you climb a career ladder, the biggest role your soft skills play – the ability to communicate, sell yourself and manage your team and time.

In IT outsourcing business model seniors don’t have enough opportunities to upgrade their soft skills since they rarely talk to clients and manage projects. PMs and other supervisors do that for them. Things are different in outstaffing; engineers communicate and work directly with the customer. Having founded AllStars-IT in Israel, I realized that there is a greater demand in the job market for seniors with strong soft skills. These abilities ensure high salaries and fast promotions.

Travelling abroad

Engineers in our company often go on business trips. It’s a perfect way to open up new horizons, meet new people and strengthen your English skills. Improve your IT vocabulary in business meetings and brush up your spoken English skills during informal dinners. In addition, business trips upgrade other soft skills, e.g., public speaking and social intelligence, to name a few.

Attend trainings

During technical conferences, engineers are often bored, which is nothing new for seniors, taking into account their level of expertise. Don’t spare any efforts to find courses you’ll be interested in. If there are a few of them, consider training in soft skills. Experienced coaches may give you useful advice on time management, leadership and career development. Don’t forget to improve your English as it may broaden your field of expertise. For instance, courses in business English are important for developers who are often involved in presales activities.

Meet new people

From my personal experience, the Israeli IT industry is very dynamic. Everyone knows one other, shares contacts and recommends good engineers. Clients are always interested in finding professional contractors. This rule is common everywhere. Besides, new friends may become a perfect motivation to personal growth. Communication with strangers makes you speak coherently, feel confident and adapt quickly to unfamiliar circumstances.

Be proactive

Find yourself in a win-win situation, taking responsibility and meeting deadlines. The burden of leadership is always on the senior developer. His/her career success depends on how well he/she is doing. Those who take the initiative usually work more effectively than their colleagues do, as they feel personal involvement and responsibility for the results. Proactivity encourages you to leave your comfort zone and upgrade your leadership skills.

Share knowledge

What distinguishes seniors from other engineers is a profound ability to share their know-how without shouting or humiliation. An inner need for knowledge transfer is gradually growing as the senior gains more experience. Even though you may not have been interested in coaching and mentoring, rest assured, this is an ideal way to upgrade your professional level and raise your authority and respect among your colleagues.

Last but not least, you need to have a strong desire and persistence to learn a foreign language, show leadership and overcome a fear of public speaking. Soft skills greatly depend on constant repetition, so it is crucial to practice during your working hours. If you really want to boost your career in the direction of management, stick to the outstaffing company. It will be the right place for you to loosen up and gain knowledge in the business domain.

About Solomon Amar
Possess 20 years of experience in Software Product Development. Of these, more than 15 years — in leading an international outstaffing company AllStars-IT Group with its subsidiaries: TestPro, Cyber Stars, and AllStars-IT Ukraine.
Our Ukrainian branch, AllStars-IT Ukraine, successfully works within the European, Israeli and the US markets. We have a wide hands-on experience in global affiliate programs and close business relations with international partners.
Successfully delivered multidisciplinary technological projects in various fields and verticals: Military, Financial, Governmental, Telecom & Communication, Industrial and more.


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