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Tips on HOW to find the best IT specialists in Ukraine.

Talented software engineers are hard to find and expensive to source. What to do if you need an experienced engineer as part of your team and you don’t know from where to start? We are here to help! Our essential tips will help you understand the methods we employ to source only the best IT specialists in the Ukrainian market.

Talent Pool

Apart from a rich culture of early tech education, software development in Ukraine is also facilitated through a wide range of educational opportunities for adults. There are 70+ private IT schools and dozens of university faculties with tech specialization that are producing 35k+ software developers annually in Ukraine. This has translated to Ukraine ranking second when it comes to countries with the greatest number of IT professionals per capital in the world.

In recent years, the Ukrainian software development market has been growing rapidly, making the country one of the largest IT hubs in Eastern Europe. Recent statistics estimate that there are currently almost 166k software developers in Ukraine. According to the 2016 HackerRank report, Ukraine is in 11th place among countries where you can hire the best software developers. Ukraine has also been featured on the list of countries with the largest number of software developers to start coding between 5 and 10 years old. This pattern of early education indicates Ukraine’s potential for tech innovation and growth in the global marketplace.

If you hire with us?

AllStars-IT is a technical partner with extensive experience in building custom-recruited software development teams in Ukraine. AllStars-IT office is located in the heart of Kiev, Business center Gulliver. AllStars-IT is experienced in building and retaining teams of different sizes and specializations: for example, you can hire either one developer in a popular technology or build a large software development team that will use a rare technology.

How to hire the Best IT Specialist in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian IT market has a high number of vastly talented professionals. In order to source the best candidate for your requirements, it is essential to have an understanding of local expectations and experience. The below guide contains useful tips we use to source only the best IT specialists to work with our clients.

  1. In order to attract the right candidates, we ensure our job descriptions and scope documents contain the minutiae of what is required for the upcoming task.
  2. Ensure that candidates have the requisite experience to efficiently translate skills into an output. We always discuss proficiency with various code linguistics and tech stacks.
  3. Constant communication is key to pique the developer’s interest and demonstrate that you are serious about the task at hand. AllStars IT endeavors to provide feedback to prospective candidates within 1-2 days of an application.
  4. Take developer opinions seriously. Whether they translate to success or not, it is essential that the developer feels that they have a stake in the process. Consideration of their opinion generates a sense of responsibility and ownership of the task at hand.
  5. Build personal rapport with developers. Engendering a sense of trust and comfortability fosters a creative, innovative environment.
  6. Establish clear expectations for communication and milestones from the outset. This ensures that milestones are met in a timely fashion and any delays can be catered for well in advance.
  7. Maintain understanding with developers. Not every task will turn out perfectly on the first attempt – this is the nature of working with technology! Reasonable expectations when solving time-sensitive problems ensure that developers can maintain a reasonable work-life balance and thus maximize their output efficiency.
  8. Sell your company’s reputation! Developers are always interested in working with innovative, successful companies, especially if there is the prospect of future work.


Tech Stack of Ukrainian Developers


A good developer with 3-5 years of experience will cost between $2,500 and $4,000 per month.

Average salaries in Ukraine have grown 900% over the course of the last decade and a half, from $400 a month in 2004 to about $1,800 in 2014, commensurate with general Ukrainian labor market wage-growth. Given the increasing demand for Ukrainian IT specialists from the rest of the world, it is reasonable to assume these salaries will continue to rise year-on-year. Salaries are determined by many factors – the range is typically reflective of the experience of the developer, programming language, multilingual proficiency, location etc. The AllStars-IT Recruitment Team is always available to help you understand and derive an appropriate salary reflective of your company’s needs.


Ukrainian developers have proven to be outstanding value for money, providing cheaper labor compared to the US, Western Europe, Canada, and Australia. Key factors that influence cheap labor in Ukraine are low cost of living, weak currency and a smaller, developing economy.

Although many people tend to think of India or the Philippines when considering outsourcing or outstaffing, the smartest companies turn to Ukraine first. Ukrainian IT professionals provide significantly better outcomes in line with Western cultural expectations at a price that’s competitive worldwide.

Where to Find Developers for Hire in Ukraine?

Good software engineers with solid backgrounds aren’t just going to fall into your lap. These developers are in high demand and receive multiple jobs offers almost every day. You’ll stand a much better chance at getting them interested in your project while casually chatting with them at tech events or via online communities, rather than sending them a generic LinkedIn message.

Here are a few of the best places to hire top developers in Ukraine, both on and offline, including:

  1. Conferences and Meet-Ups
  2. Online communities
  3. Development schools

What Challenges Can You Expect?

  1. Availability. Typically, the best Ukrainian developers can be booked months in advance, whereas inexperienced developers may be available immediately. It is always worthwhile sourcing a developer well in advance of the project start date.
  2. Demand. Once a developer has been found, it is essential to initiate contracts immediately. Worldwide demand for Ukrainian developers has grown to a point that most developers are fielding several offers at once.
  3.  Local Knowledge. Although most Ukrainian developers maintain a high level of English, recruiters, events, and conferences are conducted and marketed almost exclusively in Russian or Ukrainian. It is thus worthwhile finding a local contact to assist in the developer sourcing process.
  4. Distance. Working remotely with a developer has its challenges, however, organization and constant communication should ensure that processes and workflow are conducted with maximum efficiency and output. It is always worthwhile sourcing a developer who’s had experience working remotely.