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8 Major advantages for Israeli IT-companies of outstaffing to Ukraine

Today, the Israeli tech sector is the main potential driver of the growth of the country’s economy for the next decade. As the demand for tech talent is rapidly increasing, it is not being matched by the supply of programmers scientists and engineers creating a growing shortfall. Israeli tech companies are struggling to find tech professionals, but many already finding it overseas.

In particular, enterprises that consider outsourcing IT projects win in efficiency and cost reduction. Nowadays, a growing number of the companies in Israel as well as in Europe and the United States are considering Ukraine as their top destination for outsourcing the development of different software products or opening their R&D offices in the country.


Ukraine has been ranked as the 1st outsourcing market in Eastern Europe by Outsourcing Journal and a 2017 Offshoring Destination of the Year by GSA by Global Sourcing Association. Here are several facts you should consider to choose Ukrainian IT developers for your software development projects.


1) 116,000+ highly skilled IT professionals

Ukraine has the largest and fastest-growing number of IT professionals in Europe is considered the home of the most skilled and diverse experts. In 2017, the Ukraine’s IT market has grown by 27%. Every year over 10,000 skilled IT talents graduate from Ukrainian technical universities.

Currently, it houses nearly 116,000 highly skilled IT professionals and will expand to 200.000 by 2020.


2) High Expertise

Ukrainian developers and software engineers have solid education background and high level of technical skills in a variety of technologies as JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, C++, Scala, Magento, Ruby, ASP.NET, and others.

3) Same Time Zone

Ukraine and Israel have the same time zone without even one hour difference. It allows real-time communication and workflow between Ukrainian developers and customers in Israel as well as contribute strong to the collaboration between two sides.


4) Visa Free Regime and Easy Travel

Travel between Ukraine and Israel is quite comfortable and easy. There is no need for Israelis to get an entry visa to travel to Ukraine, as well as for Ukrainians – to travel to Israel. The direct flights between Kiev and Tel Aviv operate each day and the journey take about 3 hours. So, it is convenient to travel for meeting to Ukrainian outstaffing team whenever it necessary.


5) Cost-efficiency

For sure, one of the main factors that appeal customers is cost efficiency that affect the decision of IT outsourcing to Ukrainian market. Israeli customers can get a good service at very attractive price and save up to 60% of their expenses while working with Ukrainian IT partners.


6) Cultural similarities

Israeli customers find it very convenient to establishing relations with their offshoring team due to Ukrainians share very similar work ethic, values and business approach (atmosphere) to that of Israelis. Many Ukrainian developers have been working with Israeli companies and they get acquainted with Israeli culture very well.


7) English speaking professionals

Communication between Israeli companies and offshoring developers is one of the key factors in outsourcing. Fortunately, most of Ukrainian developers speak English, and 67% of them have Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels.


8) No language barriers to overcome

In fact, there are lots of Russian-speaking people in Israel and over 50% of the country citizens can speak English fluently. The majority of Ukrainian IT developers are very good at English. In this way the communication between Israelis and Ukrainians easy and accurate.


All the mentioned above come up to a clear conclusion that Ukraine is today’s best choice for Israeli firms seeking to offload their software development and IT work.


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