Great conditions &
social benefits

Our company cares about the welfare and prosperity of its team-members. We highly value our employees and make sure their efforts are decently rewarded.


Access to innovations

Here your working day will start with cutting-edge technologies and be full of challenging and interesting tasks. AllStars-IT gives wide opportunities to those, who crave for racking their brains.

Work for leading global brands

We provide software engineers and IT experts with an access to global companies, offering them steadiness and credibility. With us your career gets new dimensions.


Strong & encouraging
corporate culture

Joining AllStars-IT you receive more than just a job. Above being colleagues we are friends - sharing similar values, celebrating mutual achievements and staying united throughout hills and valleys.

Reut Kabilo

Working for AllStars-IT means to me a lot more than just a job. Here I am surrounded with the team of talented programmers, professionals, and IT-geeks, who are obsessed with innovations and modern technologies. Along with company’s strong corporate culture it creates favorable social climate and environment to prosper. And the last yet not least, here I got an opportunity to work for Intel.

- Reut Kabilo, Ux Ui Designer
Ilan Shklovsky

People are the key value here and the management makes its best for them to succeed. Comfortable working conditions, social benefits, and supportive social atmosphere are just the few advantages to name. And above all, at Allstars-IT I get enough space to apply your expertise, and freedom for non-standard decisions.

- Ilan Shklovsky, Software engineer
Lev Epstein

As an IT professional I am chiefly interested in the perspective for professional growth and opportunity to be engaged with challenging tasks. In this regard AllStars-IT is with no doubt the best company to choose from. It has well-established relationships with the leading brands worldwide, so you always get interesting projects to work on!

- Lev Epstein, Software Integration & Testing Engineer
Vladimir Bleynis

AllStars-IT is a company with far-seeing plans and broad perspectives. Here I can continually improve my skills, expand my competences and work within one of the leading global companies.

- Vladimir Bleynis, Quality Assurance Engineer
Magi Barazani

With AllStars-IT I got an opportunity to work for one of the world’s leading defence technology companies. Besides great professional perspectives, AllStars-IT provides its employees with awesome working conditions and welfare growth. As a bonus, convenient office location enables to switch from work to leisure easily, and always be in the movement.

- Magi Barazani, Automation Engineer
Izik Rachman

I will definitely lack the words to express how much I enjoy working in AllStars-IT. The best team of IT-professionals, interesting assignments within an acknowledged client, encouraging rewarding system, flexibility in working hours and many more. I recommend AllStars to all who aspire after a steady and at the same time dynamic company to work in.

- Izik Rachman, Product Designer

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